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Low Maintenance Gardens

Low Maintenance Gardens

Even in the warm summer months, gardening can be a real chore. Not everyone loves getting their hands dirty, spending weekends digging borders, mowing the lawns or trimming the shrubs. So a little bit of effort in developing the perfect low maintenance garden can pay dividends in the long run. You get to sit back and enjoy it without seeing all the things you haven't have the time to do.

The lawn

For most gardens this is the part which takes up the most space and and requires the most looking after. For a lawn to look great it needs feeding and scarifying, not to mention the weeds and the endless mowing. So the first question to ask is could you do without it? Consider replacing it with decking, bark chips, gravel stones or even astro-turf. The latter may sound terrifying, but for a few hundred pounds you can get something which looks lush and real and will need nothing more than the odd hose down. If you really want a lawn then avoid too many edges and paths and it will take less time to look after.

Shrubs and Conifers

These are perfect for the lazy gardener. In fact, once planted, a shrub will need nothing more than a trim a couple of times a year. Yet despite this they will deliver structure, interesting foliage, even some flowers and berries. Take care with some of the fast growing types of conifer as you will be constantly cutting them back, but they will provide shade and foliage to any garden. And best of all, no leaves in the Autumn.


If you love a bit of colour in the Spring but don't want the hassles of having a flower garden, simply plant some bulbs. They will come up year after year and provide flowers for your vases for a few weeks at the start of spring. Your friends will compliment you on how lovely your garden looks, but the effort has only needed to be made just the once.

Baskets and pots

For those who want pretty flowers, herbs or vegetables without having to dig a single piece of garden, a pot or basket is perfect. You can even buy these ready made from a garden centre. They add interest and colour and can be moved around as you wish. All they need is a daily watering in the summer.

Avoiding plants

The ultimate in the low maintenance garden has to be one which has no plants, trees or shrubs at all. This will be seen as more of an outside room rather than a garden. While it can take some effort to set up, it will need nothing more than a lick of paint and a sweep from time to time. This type of garden employs the use of decking, paving slabs, gravel and built in seating. Any small to medium sized garden can be treated in this way and while it isn't for everyone, it is great for an urban garden.

Most important is to think ahead. Consider how much time you will have to look after your little patch of earth and create a garden which suits you.