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Top 10 Holiday Security Tips

A safe full of cashWith the summer sun finally shining, our thoughts are likely to be turning to our summer holiday. It has been booked for months, the sunscreen has been bought and the new summer outfits are ready to be packed. But have you given a thought to your home and how it will be looked after while you are away? If you are walking out the door for a couple of week this summer, you need to make sure you have checked off all of our top ten security tips for your home.

  1. Check with your insurance company to make sure you are covered while you are away. In most cases this isn't a problem, but some insurers do have a limit on the number of weeks you can be away from your home. So if you are having an extended holiday this is essential.
  2. Put your lights and even a radio on a timer. Set them to come on in the evenings and leave one light on all night.
  3. Make sure your outdoor lighting is working and is on a sensor. This will put off a burglar – they hate to be seen.
  4. Check all of your windows and doors before you leave the house, even the upstairs ones. Burglars will use anything they can to gain entry to an upstairs window and they can be very good climbers.
  5. If you have a safe or a strong box, now is the time to use it. Put jewellery or other valuables into it and hide it in the loft or under a bed.
  6. Try to ensure that gadgets and valuables are not on display. Put mobiles, laptops and other things you are leaving at home in drawers or cupboards or even hide them in the loft. Pull your curtain half way so that less of your home can be seen from the road.
  7. Cancel milk, paper or other regular deliveries before you go. Nothing makes it more obvious that you are away than a box of organic vegetables sitting on your doorstep for three days.
  8. Tell your close neighbours or friends that you will be away and ask them to keep an eye on the house. They could even come in and draw the curtains once a day to keep the house looking like it is lived in. Make sure they are neighbours you trust.
  9. Ensure your outbuildings, sheds, garages and side gates are locked and alarmed. While a burglar may have trouble getting into your home, there is plenty in your shed which is worth money to them or things which could be used to gain entry to your home.
  10. Don't forget to lock the door and set your burglar alarm. This may sound strange, but in the excitement of heading to the airport, it is quite common for people to forget to do the obvious.