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Top Tips for Buying DIY Supplies

shopping trolleys at DIY storeIf you have a big DIY job to do at home and you know you will be visiting your local DIY store, this list of tips will be essential reading. Knowing what to do, what questions to ask and how to get good discounts will help you get your jobs done in the quickest time and for the cheapest price.

Make a list

Take the time to consider all aspects of the job and make a list of all the items you will need to buy. This way you can avoid too many trips to the DIY store and you will save both time and money.

Shop on the right day

Unless you absolutely have to, you should avoid going to your DIY store on a weekend. It is busier and more stressful at those times. Thankfully these stores are often open late nights during the week and you will get better service and a hassle free shopping experience.

Try online

If you have a clear idea of what you want to buy and can wait for a few days, shopping online is ideal. In many cases there may be cheaper options available if you shop around. Try one of the online shopping comparison sites to find the cheapest version of what you need.


If you need a tool which is particularly expensive and you know it will be used infrequently, you should simply hire it. This is easy to do and you will not be wasting a huge chunk of your budget.

Take an expert

If you are inexperienced as a DIYer you might want to enlist the help of a friend or family member who has knowledge of the DIY job you are doing. If not, make sure you take advantage of any in-store help available. Staff members should be well trained.

Colour and materials

Always take swatches of the colour or examples of the materials you are using with you when you go shopping. This way you can match the colours correctly and avoid having to take things back. The same applies to materials.


Always take the measurements before you leave and take a measuring tape with you. There is nothing worse than getting something home to discover it doesn't fit the space it is designed for.

Discount schemes

Some DIY stores offer special deals for pensioners or for those who are willing to take out memberships or credit. This may be useful if you are buying a large quantity of goods. Just remember that you need to pay it off in full to get the full benefit. Obviously if you are a tradesman you should be a member of any trade scheme in place.


Unless you happen to have a van, you will need to think of the cost of delivery or about if the items you a buying will fit in your car. In some cases, your delivery will be free if you spend over a certain amount – so do bear this in mind.


The huge DIY stores are not the only place you can buy DIY supplies. Always check the prices at independent shops as well. If you buy something on a regular basis you may be able to build up a relationship with an independent which could lead to discounts. Plus you are supporting your local businesses.