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Top Tips for Saving Energy and Money

low energy lamp

Even the most sceptical among us have to admit that it is a good idea to try and save energy.

Whether you believe that our use of energy can have an impact on the environment or it is simply the realisation that saving energy saves money, most of us are happy to save energy in our homes where we can.

We are all aware of the usual methods we can employ to save energy.

We can ensure we have good insulation and make sure we use good double glazed windows.

But what about the following ideas for saving energy.

Some of them might just surprise you!

  • Painting your internal walls in a light colour will help the natural light to bounce around. You won't need to use your light bulbs quite as often and you won't need as many lamps and light fixtures. We all know that a light and bright interior will also cheer you up.
  • Always fill your appliances to the brim when using them. A dishwasher will use the same energy when washing a full load as it does a half load. Take note of the appliance rating when you buy a new one as this can make a huge difference to the amount of energy it uses.
  • Insulate your hot water tank with a blanket. Special insulation blankets can be bought, but you can also make your own.
  • Don't forget to close your curtains in the evening. Simply doing this can improve the energy efficiency of your windows dramatically.
  • Hang your washing on the line rather than using the dryer when the weather allows. Dryers can be the top user of electricity in your home. Just watch the ticker turning over when it is on – hours of fun!
  • Buy an energy monitor so you know exactly how much you are using. Simply doing this can encourage you to save energy as it forces you to think about it.
  • Clean your windows! Simply having clean windows will allow up to 30% more light into your home allowing the heat to build up more efficiently. Then close your curtains in the evening to keep the heat in.
  • Check you air leaks in your home by lighting an incense stick and seeing where the smoke drifts and moves. This will indicate air entering the room. Fill these gaps with sealant or weather strips. Oh, this will also make your home smell nice!
  • Use the shower more often than the bath as it uses less hot water. If you must use the bath, share it with someone...
  • Make sure any trees around your home do not unduly prevent light entering your home. This will mean you need the lights on for longer and the heating on more often. Cut them back or contact your council to ask them to do it. Point out that you want to save energy in your home – that might encourage them.
  • A full freezer uses less energy to keep things frozen than an empty one. So stay stocked up, or place bricks in your freezer.
  • Foods which are uncovered in your fridge require more energy to keep cool as they release moisture into the fridge making it work harder.
  • Use a microwave or toaster oven if you are cooking for just one or two people. Both use less energy than an oven.

So these tips may include some which are surprising. Hopefully you can use some of them in your everyday life. If it saves you some money then it has to be worthwhile.