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Chic Stationary for Your Home Office

stationary drawingFor whatever reason home offices are the one room in the house where we appear to put in the least effort. It seems to be the place where everything ends up when we haven't got another place for it. It is often the smallest room in the house, or is tucked into a corner of the loft or garage and is one of those rooms you close the door on when visitors come round.

But creating a cohesive and pulled together look for such a small room really is the simplest task. It doesn't have to be expensive and the sense of satisfaction working in an ordered and beautiful environment is great for getting those creative juices going.

  • Decide on a theme. This will usually revolve around a colour or a type of material. If you choose red and black you can buy all your stationary items in different shades of these colours knowing it will all work together. If you opt for leather then find items of furniture and accessories which are all in the same material.
  • Be creative – Move away from what you might find in a traditional office. This is part of your home, not some anonymous office block.
  • Use colourful boxes instead of file boxes. Either cover your own boxes with material or coloured paper or buy canvas, rattan, leather look or painted boxes in your choice of colour. Stationary stores sell plenty of these and they come with front labels so you know what is inside. Stack them up on shelves or on the floor and you have already cleared some clutter.
  • Invest in a wooden set of drawers to use as a filing cabinet. This may be an expensive purchase but filing cabinets come in all shapes and sizes these days and can be disguised as perfectly normal looking bureaus and drawers. Much nicer than those nasty metal cabinets which are hardly a joy to use.
  • Stick to a paper theme – Obviously when printing just use normal white paper for everyday tasks – but always have a supply of different sizes and shades of your favourite colour paper. Choose paper which is heavy weight and good quality because this will set you apart from other people and define your quality of work. Looking around your office at a beautiful pile of embossed crisp pale blue paper is always going to inspire you to write that letter or send that invoice and the recipient will appreciate the elegant touch.
  • Pens, pens and more pens – you can never have enough good writing pens. Yes most of us use a computer these days, but sometimes the best way to communicate is handwritten. Think of all those Christmas cards you write each year. A good roller ball or traditional ink pen can work wonders on your handwriting and look great all piled together in a jar or canister. Have plenty of different colours and invest in really good highlighters and pencils. Even if you never use them, the mix of colours and textures makes it look as though you are extra creative and always busy.
Never be afraid to turn your little office into a sanctuary. It is place to escape to when you need a little bit of computer time or to catch up on finances. For some of us it is where we do our full time job, so give it the respect it deserves (and yourself too) and treat yourself to some inexpensive and pretty items to make the room come back to life.