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DIY Gadgets for the Man in your Life

There was a time when a man could put up a shelf with nothing more than a few screws, a screw driver and perhaps a spirit level. But oh no, these days every man worth the title of DIYer needs to have every imaginable gadget going. We are so used to having Ipods , DAB, mobile phones and digital this and that, that we now need to have the latest DIY gadgets as well. In some cases these DIY gadgets actually have some practical use and despite the sometimes hefty price tags they can actually be invaluable in helping us achieve the perfect job and it gives the rest of us good ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts!

Software – It is now possible to download (sometimes for free) programs which will allow us to redesign our home without having to remove a single unit. For the computer mad husband, these offer hours of fun. You can change the colours of your walls, move the walls around, add a bathroom or take one away all without lifting a finger!

Lasers – Not the disco kind, but just as much fun. These will shine a light from a small box and give you a perfect straight and level line around your entire room. No more wonky tiles or uneven picture frames. Hubby will be straightening things till the cows come home!

All in one screwdriver – This is pretty cool. The head swivels giving you every conceivable screwdriver head you could need and you will never lose all the bits. Brilliant.

Stud sensor – Simply hold it to the wall and it will tell your man the best place to whack in a nail to hold up your precious mirror. It will also help in identifying the all important stud wall before deciding on going open-plan. A great way to avoid a HUGE disaster!

Floodlights – Now the DIY mad man can take his work outside even in the depths of winter. Anything up to 1 million candle power will have it like daylight outside and all on rechargeable batteries! Let's face it, we actually quite like it when they head for the garage and we get some peace – so this gadget can only help.

Painting systems – these all in one roller and paint pot contraptions will set your mind at rest. He simply can't go wrong and he will feel like a pro. The paint flows through the system and there is no need to bend up and down – in fact us ladies might like one of these too!

These might give some good ideas for the man in your life who thinks he has everything. He may not have thought he needed a stud sensor – but he will now. For stockists of these items and more great ideas, take a look at this website: