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DIY Skills Courses

hand tool - socket setThere was a time when we would be taught basic DIY skills by our parents (well, let's face it – our Dads) but unfortunately the time has come when these skills are no longer being passed down. People are turning to expensive professionals to do jobs around the house which would have been second nature to us a generation ago.

So if you want to improve you DIY skills and your confidence, as well as save some serious money, where should you go? Thankfully for just a small outlay you can get some of the skills you might needs by attending a DIY skills course. These are perfect for people who have just bought their first home, for people who have not been taught these skills as they grew up or for anyone who wants to give it a go.

DIY stores have finally realised that their income depends on the average DIYer wanting to improve their home. Where else would we think of going to get our DIY supplies than one of the main DIY retail stores? So to keep us coming back, these stores now run their own DIY courses.

B&Q probably have the most comprehensive skills courses and even offer them specifically for children. Their “You Can Do It” courses take place at a number of their stores across the country and have up to 20 different types of class to choose from. If you just want to learn tiling you could go along to that or you could attend all of them for a really comprehensive learning experience. Most courses are just a few hours long and teach things like fixing a leaky tap, tiling a wall, painting skills and even loft insulation.

If you are looking for something with a little more depth, you choose one of the many longer term courses which are run by a number of companies and colleges across the country. One of these is The DIY School which is based in Manchester. They do beginners DIY courses which are for one day and cost £120. In addition you could choose to do a plastering course, tiling and bricklaying. These can be as long as four or five days. These types of courses exist all over the country.

Finally if you are a woman you may feel a little intimidated by the courses which seem to be run just for men. However there are courses especially for women which use tools designed to be lighter and easier to hold and which take into account the problems women might experience. This might include being too short, not strong enough or a simple lack of experience or confidence.

Chix and Mortar are one of the most well known DIY schools for women. They run courses in various locations usually on weekends. The courses are one or two days and feature skills such as tiling, general maintenance and plumbing. The courses are just £99 for one day or £199 for two day courses and all classes are taught by qualified trades people.

So if you are wanting to update your skills or want to try something new, there are plenty of opportunities available. If all else fails you can always just watch a how to video on You Tube and give it a go yourself.