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Eco-Gadgets for the Home

We all like to describe ourselves as environmentally aware these days. It is very trendy to know all about recycling and to watch our energy usage. It makes us feel good and so it is very helpful to know that there are some really useful and competitively priced gadgets out there which will help us on our way to being the Eco-warriors we all know we can be.

wind turbineSolar power – The units we are all aware of which sit on people's roofs, are unfortunately prohibitively expensive for most of us. But there are ways we can make the most of the sun's power for just a few pounds.

For less than £40 you can get solar powered gadget chargers for your phone, I-pod or PSP. With a few hours of charging you can have up to 24 hours usage from your gadget. They are also small enough to carry around with you.

For anything from £20 up to £250 pounds you can have outdoor lighting which wont cost you a thing. These lighting systems soak up the days sunlight and emit it in the evenings. It just makes sense!

Rechargeable Batteries – Once again for just a few pounds, you may never have to buy batteries again. We are all aware that batteries are difficult to dispose of and to recycle, therefore being able to reuse them is very important. If you are a typical family with plenty of game consoles, rechargeable batteries are a must.

Energy Usage Meters – These handy little meters will check you energy usage and act as a gentle reminder to switch off when not in use. In these days of high energy costs, an investment of around £45 will mean you can instantly see how much energy you are using at any one time. They will also keep track of your usage over time, so you can see when you use the most and how you might be able to cut back.

Water Saving Devices – for only a couple of pounds you can easily save water every time you flush by putting a “Hippo” in your cistern. If you want a DIY version then fill a plastic bottle with water and place it in the cistern. You will have displaced the remaining water thereby saving significant amounts

Wind-up Radios – If you are willing to invest a little bit of brute strength and some of your time then you can run a radio without batteries for as long as you need it. Wind up radios have been around for a long time, but have recently begun to incorporate torches and phone chargers as well. When you are doing your DIY jobs around the house and the electricity is turned off these can be a life saver – quite literally in some cases. Perfect for keeping in the car or under the stairs for when an emergency arises.

The choices available to us these days are endless when it comes to saving the planet. We no longer have to compromise on quality in order to do our bit to keep the earth green and perfect for future generations.