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Find a Vintage Bargain

It can be difficult to put your finger on what exactly makes up the style of the noughties, but what is clear is the obvious influence which comes from the past. Whether it is sixties inspired furniture, Victorian or Georgian heirlooms or fifties kitsch – everyone loves to inject a bit of retro style to their homes.

Finding vintage items for your home can be a case of trial and error. It is hard to know what is actually old or what is reproduction and buying at auctions can be scary. But with a little bit of time and effort bargains are out there for the taking. It is simply a matter of being brave and bold in your design statements and being willing to use pieces in new and exciting ways.

Car boot sales

These can hold a wealth of treasures. Be aware that you are not the only person out looking for a bargain and getting there early is a must. Don't walk away from something you want and expect it to still be there later. It is likely you will find smaller items such as ceramics, glassware, paintings and small furniture items.

Charity shops

The best day to visit a charity shop is Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. They will have sorted out the donations from the weekend and will have new items on display. Once again small items are likely. Don't dismiss vintage clothing as a wonderful 60's dress can become a great cushion cover or hung on the wall can be a piece of art in itself.

Antique Shops

Things can become quite pricey once you start visiting antique shops. Remember that they have bought the items from auctions and increased their value by restoring them before they attempt to sell them. So you will be buying the finished product and possibly something which you could have done yourself.

Auction houses

As long as you stick religiously to your budget, the auction is a great place to find a bargain. Go early and browse all the items which are being auctioned that day, settle on the ones you will bid on and set an upper limit. Often boxes of many items are sold sight unseen. These can hold precious trinkets and undiscovered treasures, so look for the possible bargains.

Ebay and other online auction sites

once again it is easy to get carried away with your bidding on these sites, but often people simply do not know what they are selling and so there are bargains to be had. Check out the international sales, in particular from France and other European countries. With such a rich history it is more likely that older and more interesting pieces will be sold. Also the price is likely to be cheaper than buying from this country.

Once you have bought your beautiful retro pieces, make sure they are properly on display. Make use of shelves and cabinets to display crockery and ornaments. Don't just put it in a cupboard. Display your vintage clothing on the walls or hung on doors. Hang handbags on the wall and line up shoes along the skirting. Don't be afraid to show it off. While functional, vintage is also meant to be attractive and fun.