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Front Door Security

lock and keyLong gone are the days when you could leave your front door open all day, letting your neighbours wander in whenever they felt like it. Unfortunately nowadays neighbours tend not to know one another and you never know who might be on the other side of your door when you open it.

For this reason having some form of security on your front door can offer some peace of mind to those who feel unsure. While we all know the importance of having great locks and sturdy doors; being able to see who is at your door before you decide to open it is often an overlooked security feature.

Spy holes

If you are buying a new door for your home you may want to invest in one which already has a spy hole fitted. These are difficult to retro fit on PVC doors, so getting one already added is best. If you have a wooden door you will be able to install one yourself. All that is required is a drill and the peep hole unit. Generally a hole of around half an inch is required and will need to be drilled through the middle of the door at about the 5ft level. Make sure it is positioned so that you get a good view of the whole porch or pathway area.


Having a peep hole is great, but even if you do not know who is at the door, you will eventually have to open it to talk to the person. For this reason a chain on the inside of the door is a good thing to have in addition to the peep hole. They will allow you to open the door and speak to the person. They will be able to pass you any ID before you open the door fully. Do remember that these chains will not withstand a huge amount of force, so still use your discretion.

Chains are easy to fit with a simple drill and screw driver. Offer the unit up to each side of the door opening and mark where the screws will go. Drill some pilot holes and screw it into place. Make sure the chain stretches far enough across the door opening to give you a good look at the outside.

Keeping safe at your door

  • Never open the door unless you are sure you know who the person is and what they want.
  • Keep the chain on until you have satisfied yourself that the person is genuine.
  • Check all ID carefully. Call the company they say they are from to check that they do actually work for them.
  • If you would rather not have cold callers turning up on your doorstep put a sign to that effect on your front door.
  • Remember that you are in charge of what happens in your home. If someone is making you uncomfortable, shut the door on them and tell them to go away. If they refuse tell them you will call the police as they are trespassing.