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Gadgets for the Home

paintpodRemember those episodes of Tomorrows World where we all believed that robots might be doing our washing up and our houses would welcome us as we walked in the door? Well these sorts of things may not have come to pass, but we certainly have enough household gadgets to be going on with. In fact for most of us, working out how to use the gadgets we do have takes more time than they are supposed to save.

Take a look at this list of gadgets from the last year and see if you might want one of those!

The Watch Phone

Not strictly for the home – but useful nonetheless. Made by LG in conjunction with Orange, this watch has a touch screen and a built in camera. It has side buttons for answering calls and to help use the menu. All you need to do is hold your hand up towards your ear to use. You will look strange, but the size on your wrists might look stranger. It has a bit of the “brick” mobile phone about it.

Paintpod Compact

Made by Dulux, this little version of its larger cousin is certainly useful for the home painting enthusiast. The only thing it doesn't have is the self cleaning option. But if you are using emulsion, then cleaning is a doddle anyway.

Digital Picture Frame

Many of us have hundreds of photos languishing upstairs on the computer which never see the light of day. A simple way to fix that problem is the digital photo frame. They are usually enabled with wifi so you can show photos from your phone. Some will even allow you to send your photos via email or allow you to touch up the photos on screen, so that you always look perfect.

Ebook Readers

Why, you might ask, would anyone want to read a book from a screen when an ordinary page turner will do? Well think of it in terms of space. These little handheld units can hold an incredible 1000 books – try fitting those into your average IKEA bookshelf. You can buy books online in the normal way and simply add them to your Reader. The readers are book sized and quite easy to hold and they do make it harder to skip forward to the end. But for those of us who are book snobs and love to show off our collections – I don't think it will catch on...

Dyson Dustblaster

Dyson has always been there at the forefront of vacuum technology and this little handheld vacuum doesn't disappoint. It has the worlds fastest motor at 104,000rpm and looks pretty cool too. Essentially it does exactly what your usual vacuum does – just quicker and more powerfully.

These are just a taster of what has come out in the last few months and they certainly won't be the last. One thing you can be sure of is that as soon as you have bought the “latest” thing – it stops being the latest and becomes old hat....sorry!