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Getting a Home Ready To Sell

Getting a home ready for the market

Despite the recent gloomy statistics regarding the property market, people are still putting their homes up for sale. Whether it is due to a relocation, redundancy or even a forced sale, the need to make the most money possible from your biggest asset is incredibly important.

Summer is always the best time to sell your home. The garden will be looking its best, the rooms will be bright, airy and warm and your home will look and feel inviting. But obviously this all depends on how you present your home to the buying public. All the nice weather in the world can't sell a home which is cluttered, cramped, dirty or unloved.

So what is the best way to present your home for sale, without spending a fortune?

moving kitGet the DIY done

Those little niggly jobs which have been hanging around for a while are one of the first things which should be tackled. Someone spending their hard earned money on a home won't want to fix holes, mend leaky taps or replace broken light fittings. A home can look superficially clean and tidy, but a viewer will notice badly done DIY, so if you aren't an expert, then get one in.


You might love your collection of 19th century pottery, but if it is collecting dust on every available surface then it has to go. Your home will need to be viewed through the eyes of the potential buyer. They want to imagine their furniture in your home and if they can't see the floor, they will have no idea of how much space there is. If you are particularly attached to your nic-naks make use of the garage or loft space to hide them away. Renting some storage space for a few weeks might also be worthwhile.

Clean clean clean

Clean like you have never cleaned before...potential purchasers are a nosy lot and will be scouting around in your cupboards and behind your furniture when your back is turned. You might not think it is worth the effort to clean under the sink or under the fridge, but even the slightest whiff of an unclean kitchen will put the discerning buyer off. Imagine your mother in law is coming to stay! Don't forget the garden too.

Animals are out

Lets face it, cute as they might be, dogs and cats are somewhat stinky and pretty dirty. It is possible to tell if someone has a dog simply by walking into their home and cats leave fur on all soft furnishings. Unfortunately the only remedy for this is to banish them to the garden. In addition, there is nothing worse than a viewing with an annoying dog jumping all over you or worse still barking at the strangers entering their home.

Ditto children

Sorry to the doting parents out there, but toys strewn all over the living room is very off putting and kids rooms need to be kept clean and orderly. Ideally the children should be out of the house during viewings. Lovely as they are, they do tend to tell complete strangers all about how the conservatory roof leaks when it rains. They are only being helpful!

Spend money only where necessary

On a more serious note, it is important to think carefully about where money should be invested in your home. New kitchens and bathrooms do sell houses, but a very clean and tidy old one will be perfectly acceptable. If you are asking a fair price for your home you can expect to get away without new kitchens, bathrooms and carpets. Just make sure that what you have is in good condition.

So there you have it. A few weekends spent getting your home in order will work wonders and may even be worth a few thousand on the asking price. The main point is to present the best home you can without spending more than you need to.