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Home vandalism increases during winter

Endsleigh Home Insurance

The UK winter brings with it longer nights and a higher prevalence of vandalism. This may pose a problem for the more than five million UK homeowners who do not have household insurance as they would have to pay for potential vandalism related damages themselves.

According to a recent report, malicious damage claims typically increase at this time of the year, making winter a very unwelcome season for homeowners. The report also states that buildings insurance claims increased by 52% last November and were mainly attributed to broken windows and damaged doors, while contents insurance claims increased by 20%.

It is recommended that homeowners take additional security precautions throughout winter. These don’t have to be expensive and can be as simple as adding a few extra outdoor lights to a property. Also remember to keep side gates and doors closed at all times and lock all windows and doors before leaving home or going to bed at night.

According to, one third of burglars enter a property through a window. It is therefore vital that all the building’s windows are secured. Not only does this deter burglars, but also lets them know that the building is protected. If top floor windows are faulty then it is best to replace them.

Families planning to go away over the Christmas holiday are advised to inform neighbours or the neighbourhood watch of their home’s vacancy. By doing so, the neighbourhood will be more aware of unwanted attention around the vacant property. Also install timed lighting to give the illusion that someone is home at night.

While some security precautions such as locking the backdoor may seem trivial, statistics have shown that one in five burglaries don’t involve any force. It is best to take stringent security precautions and to protect your pocket against the costs associated with vandalism with an Endsleigh home insurance policy.