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How to beat the burglar – from common sense to intruder alarms

burglarHaving your home ransacked, your possessions stolen and your loved ones put in danger is an ordeal most of us think we’ll never have to face, but in reality this belief couldn’t be further from the truth. With the hangover from the economic recession still looming over us, burglary could be on the up, so there’s never been a better time to protect your home and valuables from this distressing and costly crime. Thanks to advancing security technologies, it’s now easy, affordable and quick to safeguard your belongings and your family, and it could save you money and heartache later on.

Common-sense measures, like keeping valuable goods out of sight, keeping doors and windows locked and using motion sensor exterior lighting as a deterrent can all help to intruder-proof your home, but the only way to achieve total peace of mind is to use an alarm system. The good news is there’s a range of effective wired and wireless alarm systems on the market that don’t cost the earth and can be installed by the consumer in minutes.

Any security-savvy burglar will disable a bell box and cut wires, leaving your home and all of its contents vulnerable. Instead, experts advise opting for alarm systems that connect to a telephone line or mobile networks, alerting you immediately in the event of an intruder. These types of systems can be linked to several telephone numbers, and some systems even allow you to listen in to what is going on or turn the alarm on or off from any phone, wherever you are.

For less than £100 you can purchase a DIY wireless intruder alarm kit, which uses movement sensors to detect a burglar, and for just £50 more you can use the latest GSM alarm, which utilizes an in-built mobile phone. This allows alarms to be fitted in any building and eliminates the risk of the intruder cutting the phone line and disabling the alarm, providing even more security.

Haydn Davies, from Wireless Alarms Direct says installing a wireless burglar alarm is the easiest, most effective and often cheapest way to ensure your home or office is safe:

“If you want peace of mind that your property is protected against burglary, using one of these low cost alarm systems is the way to Beat a Burglar.

“The wireless intruder alarms are rapidly growing in popularity, as most people will not want to have to rip up carpets and drill through walls, creating a great deal of work and expense. The wireless alarm kits can be fitted in minutes with no mess at all.”

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Lawrence Vale* (name changed) from Shropshire uses a GSM wireless alarm to protect his home, although unfortunately he purchased it too late. His home was burgled in February this year, while he was holidaying with his wife and three children:
"I hadn't got around to buying an alarm system because I thought they'd be pricey and that I'd be clobbered with installation costs, but when our home got burgled thousands of pounds of stuff was taken; computers, DVDs, jewellery and cash, plus some sentimental items and some of the kids' things. They'd damaged our front door and downstairs windows trying to force entry, and we arrived home to find the whole house turn ]]>