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How to Keep Your Wooden Floor Clean This Summer

Hardwood FloorWith summer now just a few precious weeks away, it is time to start preparing for everyone’s favourite season. If you’re the proud owner of a hardwood or engineered floor however, you’ll be glad to know that looking after your floor is relatively easy.

In fact, the simple truth is that wooden floors are actually far more hygienic than carpets due to the fact that any dust remains on the surface of the floor and is easily eradicated by a sweep, hoover and mop.

As you’ve probably paid thousands for the perfect floor for your home, looking after them is important. Though you can buy hardwood floors online, maintaining the value of a floor is crucial.

With that in mind, what is the best way to clean a hardwood floor?

Good ways

  • Vacuuming your floor, contrary to popular belief, is actually more effective than sweeping as it allows dirt and dust to be sucked from in between the boards.
  • If you can, use blinds throughout the day to protect your floors. As the sun rays hit the wood, it causes a discolouring which is caused by oxidation and the aging of the wood.
  • Invest in a de-humidifier if you can afford it to absorb the moisture in the air; creating a healthy environment for your floors. Doing so early on is important as this will minimalize the risk of warping.
  • If you are lucky enough to live by the coast, it is important to realise that sand can actually be the worst possible enemy for your floor. This because throughout the passage of time, the sand will act like tiny little teeth grinding, cutting and dulling the surface of the wood and your beautiful floor as a whole. Use mats near door entrances to ensure that the introduction of sand is minimalized.

Bad ideas

  • Avoid wax, detergents or any other oil based soaps on the floor as this may actually damage the finish of the floor besides making it slippery.
  • Though some people recommend using vinegar to clean, and this may be a very good tactic for doing the cutlery, using it on a wooden floor is not recommended as it will gradually oxidise the floor over a long period of time.
  • Overall, it is recommended that you only use products that have been specifically certified for the use of cleaning floors. Otherwise you risk introducing harmful chemicals to your floor which will not only damage it, but also reduce its monetary worth.

Author: Ambience Flooring