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How to Safeguard your Home against Flooding

Flood WarningAlthough most people associate the summer months with warm and dry weather, the risk of serious flooding is actually present all year round. According to Gov.UK, 1 in 6 homes in England are at constant risk of flooding – that’s why it is vital to ensure that your home has effective flood protection measures in place.

The Environmental Agency have advised that it would be impossible to completely flood-proof a property, however there are a number of ways that you can limit the overall damage. Should your home or business be at risk of flooding, here are some recommended flood defence methods:

Stock up on Sandbags

Sandbags are a go-to protective measure for flooding. Sandbags can be placed externally by doors or any ventilation pipes that water may be able to enter through. Although effective, sandbags are only a temporary form of protection, should your property suffer from regular flooding then stronger defences should be implemented.

Choose Specialist Flood Guards

As well as sandbags, specialist flood guards should also be at the ready in the event of a flood warning. Specialist protection includes guards that can stop water from entering through gaps within external doors and windows.

Rethink the Property Layout

This doesn’t mean completely altering the layout of your property, but rather taking protective steps to reduce the overall cost of damage should flood-water seep through. Ways that you can limit the damage include raising any electric sockets, fuse boxes or wiring to at least 1.5m above floor level - it is advisable to fix televisions above this height too. If you have valuable items, these should be placed on high shelving.

Invest in a Flood Protection Kit

If flood-water does enter your property, it is important to have a flood-water pump to quickly remove any water. Referred to in the industry as submersible pumps, these pumps can easily and quickly remove any unwanted flood-water. Top brands including Calpeda, Lowara and Grundfos supply a range of high quality submersible pumps available to buy online, and many online stores supply Flotec pumps and Flood Kits, which are pumps that can be dropped into water to remove any flood-water build up.

These protective measures will not only assist in reducing the cost of damage but will also help to effectively and quickly combat the effects of flooding to allow residents to move back into the property as soon as possible.

Author: Anchor Pumps