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Is Replacing Carpet with Hardwood Flooring the Right Move for You?

Switching from carpet to hardwood flooring in the home is a major step, as it changes both the look and ambience of any living space. While there are some undoubted advantages associated with such a switch, it's important to bear in mind what you're losing by removing the carpet from a room. Understanding the qualities of both flooring types will help you to make the best decision for your family and your home.

The advantages of hardwood flooring

Contacting a flooring specialist before making the final decision on whether you're going to install carpet or hardwood flooring is a great idea. You will get the chance to feel and look at the different types of hardwood floor available, and you may even be able to walk over the various types at a local showroom.

If you're contemplating removing your carpet in favour of hardwood flooring, such a move will deliver some tangible benefits, including a more durable flooring type - perfect in high-traffic areas. You will also find that most hardwood floors can be swept and wiped clean in a matter of seconds, which may be beneficial if you have young children in the house. Other benefits associated with hardwood flooring include the removal of possible allergens, the ability to refinish certain flooring types when they become damaged and the creation of a modern look that will probably never go out of fashion.

What are you losing by removing your carpet?

While there are undoubted advantages associated with installing hardwood flooring, it's also worth bearing in mind what you'll be losing by taking away the carpet in your home for good. For a start, carpet gives any room a distinctive look that simply isn't possible with hardwood flooring. Nothing delivers the ambience of cosiness like carpet, so you should consider sticking with it if this quality is important to you and your family.

Most carpets are fitted with underlay, and that can create a beautifully soft surface - perfect if you like to spread out and relax on your floors. If you like to relax in bare feet or allow your children to play with their toys on the floor, a deep-pile carpet is probably the ideal surface.

Carpet is also a fantastic insulator, which could retain the warmth in your home if you live in a particularly cold climate. A great deal of heat in the average property is lost through the floor, but a carpet and underlay acts as an insulating layer - which could also reduce your heating bills significantly over the course of a year. Expert carpet suppliers will be able to point you in the direction of the most effective carpets for insulating a room.

If your home is a bustling family environment where people come and go throughout the day, carpet is great at muffling the footsteps of visitors. Hardwood floors can be the source of a lot of noise, whereas carpets absorb the click-clack of shoes and make for a more relaxing ambience.

Switching to hardwood flooring may cut down on maintenance and cleaning, but it might introduce a potential slip hazard in your home - which could be worth considering if you have young children. Even the slightest spillage that goes unnoticed can create a dangerously slippery surface - something you won't have to worry about with carpet on the floor.

Of course, one of the main considerations when switching to hardwood flooring is cost. Most types of laminate and panelled wood are significantly more expensive than carpet. If your needs are temporary, sticking with a relatively cheap carpet may be cost-effective. However, if maintenance, cleanliness and longevity are your priorities, a switch to wood flooring represents the ideal solution.

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