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Latest Kitchen Gadgets

kitchen gadgetWhile few of us can claim to be a whizz in the kitchen, we still love the idea of using the latest shiny toy to make the job just that little bit simpler. Whether it is the £1000 coffee maker or a simple lemon juicer, something which is new and supposed to be extra useful can inspire us to get out the cook books once again.

Some recent kitchen gadgets have been both useful and wacky, but above all they are fun!

Salt and Pepper

For a mere £18.95 a pair from CuteBitz, your salt and pepper can be delivered via some very cute little robots. They come in black and white and contain a wind up mechanism to send them from one end of the table to the other. No more having to “pass the salt”.

Smart Microwave

Samsung have forever changed the way we think about our microwave with the release of their Omnipro Microwave Oven. The oven has a weight sensor which will allow it to program the exact amount of time required to cook the meal. The microwave also works as a normal convection oven and a grill. For the lazy among us the oven features a self cleaning function. No word on cost just yet, but not having to clean it must be worth nearly anything!

Baby Spoon

Anyone with children will know that getting kids to eat those last few spoonfuls of carrot purée can be a real chore. But the illuminated aeroplane spoon, complete with a runway bib is going to change all that. Thinkgeek in the US have come up with the idea and it is proving to be a big hit. The bib features a runway with real landing lights which lead straight into the baby's mouth – brilliant!

Egg and toast?

Why hasn't someone thought of it before? Well Tefal have finally done it. The toaster which will cook an egg at the same time as your toast. It should be called an Eggster, but is known as the Toast “n” Egg. The poacher attachment will cook an egg in around the same time as the toast and will even boil an egg if required. Just £45....Eggsellent!


Morphy Richards have probably come up with the most intelligent steamer you could come across. It has four compartments to keep everything separate and an LED timer and display so you don't even have to be at home for your dinner to be getting going. But at nearly £100 the Intellisteam is a bit pricey – especially when a bamboo steamer and some water will do the trick for less than a tenner.

So being stuck in the kitchen can be fun, just don't tell the rest of the family that you have all this help. They will wonder what you do with all your time!