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Revamp Your Home with This Year’s Hottest Trends

Home interior looking a bit tired but don’t know where to start with a revamp? Pick from this year’s hottest trends and inject some directional design into your living space.

Coastal cruising

Coastal and crusing themed sofa cushions With underwater imagery currently in vogue, and increased global focus on the power of the ocean and many of us feeling the need for a bit of seaside escapism, both British and tropical shores are inspiring fashion and design this year.

For your living room or bedroom, choose soft furnishings and linens in aquatic colours – blues, greens and whites. Or go more vibrant colour schemes if you prefer the far-away feel and compliment with cushions featuring tropical birds such as flamingos, parrots and cockatoos.

As many of us are now taking ‘staycations’ or holidaying within the UK, English seaside scenes have also become a prominent theme on soft furnishings - look for fishing village, seagull and camper van prints and even brightly coloured beach huts.

With the emphasis on water, the nautical look is easy to achieve in the bathroom. Stick to natural materials such as white-washed wood, wicker and rope, and accessorise with wooden boats and birds.

National pride

With the 2012 Olympics on the horizon and the royal wedding having prompted an outpouring of national pride, all things British inform this important interior trend. As 2011 is the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain, held on London’s South Bank, heritage and archive influences also play a part in shaping this particular look.

So perk up your sofas, chairs and beds with Union flag, 2012 Olympics and London-inspired prints on cushions and bedding. Or for a subtler take on the theme, nod to, rather than raise the flag with a red, white and blue colour scheme.

Kitsch accessories also help to perfect the British pastiche look. When mixed with the modern, commemorative plates, vintage china and bunting can help inject some playful fun into your interior design, often served with a pinch of irony.

Easy eclecticism

Mixing and matching prints, colours and contemporary with vintage pieces is the key to this trend, which reflects a renewed interest in craft, make-do-and-mend and in creating unique styles.

As the look is all about juxtaposed styles, scour charity shops, flea markets and car boot sales for one off finds to complement your high street buys.

Gleam inspiration from folk fashions with patchwork bedding and crafty cushions. Mix and match vintage floral prints with stripes and fabric swatches and felt animal character creations. Create a feeling of gathered antiques and heirlooms in your home by displaying items in bell jars on side tables, and make a feature wall by framing photos and pictures in frames of various shapes and sizes.

The easy eclecticism look is also a great one to go for in your kitchen and dining room, as we all seem to acquire mis-matched crockery over the years. Display your favourite finds on a sideboard or arrange pieces on your table as if for an old-fashioned tea party, with a cake stand as the pièce de résistance.