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See Your Home in a New Light

planning out how to redecorate your homeIt can be hard to form a picture of what your house is going to look like once you have redecorated or shifted the furniture around, until it has actually been done. In some cases it may be too late. Making the right decisions before you start can be difficult if your house is full of furniture, carpets and wallpaper. What you need to do is strip the house back to its bare bones and contemplate the house as it was when it was first built – bare and empty.

Any home has the basics which you can start with. A few rooms, a bathroom or two, a kitchen and maybe some outdoor space. How those rooms are configured is dependent on the structure of the building, but certain walls will be able to be moved easily. Others can be moved with more difficulty, but it isn't impossible.

Draw a plan of your house, marking in red those walls which cannot be moved and green for possibly moveable walls. Remember to write in the dimensions and think about how big the rooms will be if certain walls are moved or knocked down. Think about the shape of the new rooms and how you would use them. Try to get a picture in your head of what the new layout might look like.

Drawing a 3D picture might be a better idea. There are programs available online which will help you to do this, although it does take some skill to master them. However if you are able to “walk” through your new home via the computer it will give you a better picture of what could be achieved.

When it comes to decorating you need to try and see the house as being empty. Not easy when you have to live there. One recommendation is to take photos of the room from all angles and then use a program like Photoshop to remove some of the items in the room.

Try to picture the rooms with nothing in them. Repaint the walls white (on the computer) and maybe try moving pieces of furniture around. When it comes to deciding on new colours in your rooms there is nothing which works as well as using paint testers to see how a colour works.

Paint a large swatch on the wall and let it dry completely. Give it time to see how it looks at different times of the day. Notice if the colour is affect by artificial light and if your furniture matches it. It is also possible to do the same with wallpaper. Most wallpaper retailers will offer lengths which can be used to test the pattern. Try them out next to the paint to see if they go together well.

Taking your home back to the bones may not be practical, but doing what you can to picture it as being bare and an inviting canvas can only improve the decisions you make about its interior design future.