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Setting up a Home Office

keyboard for computer in a home office

With redundancies on the rise, many out of work people are turning their natural skills into home based jobs. With little more than a computer and some space you can easily create a great working environment and get your career back on track. If it is just a little office for keeping track of your home accounts or for the kids to do their homework, the smallest room in the house (no not the toilet), the boxroom can become a great office space. It is time to leave the tyranny of the daily commute and set up your own workspace.

Computer equipment

For the most part, people tend to have a computer already and may just want to add some peripherals such as a scanner, fax or a new printer. Having a laptop as your main computer can be a god send. Being able to pick up your work and take it to site or to meet clients is very professional and you feel secure knowing that your information is at your fingertips.

Phone lines

It is possible to run a home business from your usual home phone or even your mobile, but a new line can be installed by BT if it suits you better. The internet will also need to be run to your new office.


The only necessity is a good sturdy and large desk. If you are handy with a hammer then it is a simple task to make your own. This is ideal as it will fit your space perfectly and can be built to the perfect height and dimensions. If not then all DIY and furniture stores stock everything from the basic computer desk to modular systems including shelving and cupboards. If you are stuck for cash then use Ebay, carboot sales and freecycle for bargains. People often replace this type of furniture, so there are usually plenty going spare if you ask around.


This deserves a category of it's own. Your computer chair is very important and you must get it right. The wrong chair can lead to back complaints and even RSI from incorrect hand positioning on the key board. Try out lots of different chairs before you buy, taking into account the height of your desk and the positioning of your monitor. Making sure you have an adjustable chair is also a good idea. This can mean that more than one person in the family can use it. The ergonomic type of stools are especially good for maintaining correct posture.

This is all it takes to set up a basic home office and as your business flourishes you will discover the things that your business needs to help it run more smoothly. Your office may be used for many hours a day and it is important it is as relaxing and quiet as possible. Once you have created your space you can start to create your business.