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Tented Ceilings

tented ceiling clothesWhile it may be something you would expect to see at a wedding where it is used to disguise unattractive tent or conservatory roofs, the tented or draped ceiling can actually be a very impressive idea for your home. Not only is it an easy idea to implement it also looks great in the right setting.

A tented ceiling is most often used in a conservatory where it will offer a textured and elegant look while helping to keep out harsh sunlight. It is also great for covering a ceiling which has an unusual shape and for which bespoke blinds would be too expensive.

The tented ceiling system generally works on a series of grippers. A rose or half circle gripper is placed in the middle of the ceiling and pole grippers are placed around the edges of the room.

The chosen material is then draped from the rose to the pole or it can be draped across the room from pole to pole. Generally the thinner the fabric the easier it is to achieve a good look. The amount of fabric which is used is dependent on the look you want to achieve, but a draping of at least two or three times the width of the room is best.

Several lengths of material can be draped, even in different colour to achieve any effect wanted.

It is very important to bear in mind that draped ceilings can be a fire hazard and should also be taken down from time to time and washed. Keep light fittings away from the material and make sure it is secured in place carefully to prevent any falling onto candles or into fires.

It is also worth thinking about the fact that the material may absorb odours, cooking smells and smoke. This will also affect its colour. So it should be washed on a regular basis to prevent this. It can also be vacuumed while still in place.

Tented ceilings can add drama to a room, make it cosy and warm or it can add light to a room which is dark. Whatever your preference tented ceilings are something different and a great alternative to expensive window treatments.