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Robert Carter has run interior design firm Felbrigg Design, in Wiltshire, for 15 years, and prior to that worked for a firm of property developers. He offers clients a full service whether that be from fabrics and finishes to restructuring an entire house. “We don’t do the plumping and electrics,” he says. “But we project manage the entire thing.” He has always had a passion for interior design: “I’ve always been interested – I bought my first dinner service when I was eight years old. I spent all my pocket money on it. I’ve always had an interest there to improve things in the home _ I always thought I could improve the way my mother had laid things out!”

I used furniture from this site for a hotel project I did recently. It specialises in contemporary designs that are inspired by tradition. Anyone who is trained in interior design now is told that everything old is bad, there is a fear of the past. I haven’t got a degree in interior design, but I did work experience in interior design companies so I trained on the job, which was normal at that time. It’s only been fairly recently that degrees have been widely available in interior design and to be honest I don’t employ people who’ve studied design because they tend to know nothing. At college they tend to teach people about design ‘now’, but I think, like with anything, you need to dip into the past to understand where we are now.

I used some lights from here for a recent hotel project I did and for the renovation of the Club Room in the Royal Automobile Club in London.

I work on a lot of private residences too – one of my current projects is a house off Belgrave Square In London. My own home is always work in progress. The problem is I find it easy to make decision for my clients in my own house I’m indecisive I play around with things.

I’m deeply influenced by the Georgian period. I’m a symmetrical boy and I have to fight that a bit. I’m very influence by 18th and 19th century Russian finishes. We have our own shop in Tetbury, Gloucestershire and there are a lot of things that reflect my taste there

I use this company for their metal work and object. When I’m working with somebody a huge amount of time goes into the planning but usually a client doesn’t have much time or patience and they expect you to get their ideas immediately. I prefer to use things I like but being an interior designer is sometimes like being a diplomat, sometimes you just have to say: “it’s your money.”