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The Key To A Spring Home

After the long and very cold (this year at least) months of winter, we all look forward to the spring. Just that little bit of warmth in the air and the slightly longer days do wonders in improving our moods. Part of the whole spring fever is the need to freshen up our homes. Just giving it a little lift here and there. In the same way the garden and nature is fresh and new, our homes also need to bit of a spruce up.

woman painting new colour on wallsKitchen

A new and bright colour in a kitchen can do wonders to improve the feel. Try apple greens and accent this with tea towels, blinds and accessories to match. The green matches well with red and works with stainless steel and granite. Set all this off with bright yellow and green daffodils and a bowl of granny smiths.


Once again a some new paint on the walls will do wonders in any room. For the lounge a pale colour, even white can make the dullest room bright and airy. The accessories used around the room can add colour. Try spring inspired pastels such as pistachio, pinks and blues. Plenty of flowers and plants are a must and best of all throw open those curtains (take them down if you dare). Getting sunlight into the house will make it feel like it is the middle of summer even on the chilliest of spring days.


Simply renewing your towels and accessories can work wonders in a bathroom. Buy the best quality, fluffiest towels you can and try to mix and match colours. Basic white, highlighted with greens and oranges can give the room a real zingyness. While pastels such as pinks and lavender can induce a feeling of calm. Accent with candles, baskets and shells to bring the warm outdoors indoors.


A bedroom in the spring must be clean and clutter free. A fresh paint in a lighter colour than usual and a new duvet will pull it together. Think pastels and soft patterns. Romantic roses or leaf patterns are great for the boudoir, or even try a stark white and cream palette. Remove your heavy winter curtains and install some wooden blinds. These will allow the window to be clear of window dressing if you prefer, or they will allow some light to come through on the brightest days.

The key to a spring home is to think of what nature achieves in the spring time. Flowers, green grass, warmth and bright sunshine. Bring these elements from the outside into your home and you will be well and truly ready for the summer when it arrives.