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Turkish Rugs

A Turkish or Persian rug can be seen as a long term investment when it comes to interior design. They can range in price from a few hundred pounds up to many thousands and are therefore not an impulse buy. The decision to buy a Turkish rug is not one to be taken lightly and research should be done on the best ways to find the best rug for your money.

Travelling to Turkey would be the cheapest way to buy an original rug. You can often see where they have been made and can more easily gauge the quality. But if a trip to turkey is out of your price range, then it is possible to buy in this country or to find a second hand rug. In fact second hand is often the best way to go. If the rug has been looked after properly, a used rug can have more charm and a lived in look. Wherever you choose to buy – always haggle. It is expected overseas and admired in this country.

How to check for quality

  • The quality of a Turkish rug depends on the number of knots per square cm. The higher the number the better the quality.
  • Silk rugs are always many times more expensive than wool or blends, but will last longer and retain their colours.
  • Check a second hand or new rug for tears and holes before buying.
  • Wipe a damp cloth over the surface of the rug, if some of the dye comes off it is likely to be chemically dyed and will not retain it's value as well as a traditionally dyed rug.
  • A chemically dyed rug will have less vivid colours at the bottom of the pile.
  • Hand knotted rugs will have different sized knots and irregularities in the shape of the knots
  • Always take the rug into the sunshine to check for any imperfections.

Looking after your rug

  • Vacuum regularly on a low power setting if possible. This is particularly the case for silk, hand knotted rugs which might lose some of their fibres.
  • Rugs can be brushed in the direction of the pile.
  • Every so often the rug can benefit from a beating on the underside. This involves hanging it outside and hitting it with a carpet beater. Never use anything other than the right tool for this job as it is easy to damage the rug with sticks etc.
  • it is possible to remove stains with a carpet shampoo, but check the colour does not come off in a small area first. Take care not to over wet it and hang it to dry.
  • Professional carpet cleaners who specialise in Oriental carpets are available for any stains which will not come off.

A Turkish rug will give you many years of use and they look great in any home. The colours vary and it is possible to find one which will fit with any colour scheme. For the price you may be afraid to walk on it, but knowing that this type of rug improves with use, will hopefully help you to relax about all that money!