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Wall Art

interesting wall art panelIt is extremely unusual these days to find a home which is simply magnolia. It seems that we are all finding our creative sides and indulging in a splash of wallpaper or some extreme paint colours. But what about the typical 1960's wall mural? It might bring back memories of Hilda Ogden and the flying ducks on the dining room wall – but the “murial” is making a big comeback.

We are no longer confined to the ocean scene or the floating clouds, wall murals can now be designed in any way imaginable. You can choose from a selection or you can upload your own designs or photos and have a personalised wall in any part of the house.

The process of getting a wall mural is very simple. Many online companies exist who will take your designs and transform them into rolls of wallpaper designed for a particular space. These rolls can then be applied to the wall in the same way as any other wallpaper and all for as little as £95 a roll.

The companies will accept the image via email or sometimes you can send them scanned images of photographs or drawings. Obviously, the quality of these will vary. The image is then sent back to you for proofing. Once the image is accepted, they will start printing it onto wallpaper sized sheets according to the dimensions you give them. Generally they will use stronger than average wallpaper to prevent the chance of any tearing. When you get it home, you simply apply it to the walls.

You don't have to stop at the walls though. These images can be printed onto a multitude of furnishings. Huge canvas prints can make wonderful moveable pieces of art. Many people use photos of their family members, wedding photos or a picture which reminds them of their holidays. In addition to all this it is also possible to print your own custom images on to fabrics which you can then make into anything you desire. Curtains for a child's room made from one of their own drawings, as an example.

The only thing which you need to be aware of is copyright. It is not possible to copy another persons artwork without permission – all the more reason to create your own!

It is obvious that the options are pretty much endless – you are only limited by your imagination. With these services getting cheaper all the time, bespoke art work on walls will no longer be the preserve of the wealthy – it is possible for all of us to indulge our creative side.