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Wallpaper for 2011

If you are looking for an imaginative way to update your home you cannot go far wrong by adding an accent wall in wallpaper. Long gone are the days of pretty florals or even abstract black and white themes, nowadays you can take your wallpapering to new levels in creativity.

Wallpaper doesn't have to be the stuff you buy from the DIY store in long rolls, it can be a piece of artwork in itself and can turn your home from a boring blank canvas into a design piece almost instantly.

Italian company Wall & Deco have a number of striking designs which will suit any homeowner who has a passion for design and is willing to take a chance. At around £35 to £75 per metre this wallpaper is not cheap, but it also designed to be used sparingly and is best on a single wall.

The wallpapers are more wall murals than repeating designs. They feature huge flowers growing across the room, painted faces of Jesus or a Koi Carp. You could have bubbles floating from your kitchen into your living room or flowers growing down your hallway. Some of the designs give a 3D impression of the object such as the crown which seems to float in the middle of the room.

Other designs are stylistic animals or birds in flight. Children's rooms are also catered for with pencils, chalk inspired backboard designs and colourful montages.

Those who want to buy one of these wallpaper murals are asked to send the dimensions of their walls so that the wallpaper can be designed to fit perfectly. For more information check out this website:

It is true that this wallpaper is something special and it certainly deserves to have pride of place in at least one room in your home. It is a design feature in itself and leaves you free to be as plain as you wish with the rest of the room and furnishings knowing that the design element is taken care of.