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Wallpaper – the New Paint?

For the last 10-15 years home-owners have shunned wallpaper in favour of paint.

Save for the occasional accent wall, wallpaper has been seen as a hassle and too hard to replace once we decide we need a change. Peoples homes had become commodities. We were always thinking of the next time we sell our house and therefore worried our tastes may be wrong for the future buyer. But nowadays as we tend to feel that we might be staying that little bit longer in our home, the urge to sell has all but disappeared and in has come the urge to place our individual stamp on a property.

Wall paper has seen a renaissance due to this need to create a long term home. We can see that the extra effort is worthwhile and the choices have sky-rocketed. The major DIY stores have huge ranges of wallpaper and have cottoned on to this increasing trend in a big way. The days or beige walls are well and truly over and wallpaper has come into it's own.

The types of wallpaper vary immensely but some designs to keep an eye out for are:

  • Bold patterns – From bright green leafy patterns to striking black and white. The graphics are large and full patterns, minimal detail and no fuss. They create a statement and are perfect for the accent wall or even a whole room, if you are brave.
  • Metallic or mirrored – Best if you have perfectly smooth walls, these can add a dramatic effect to any room. They can give a feeling of space to your room, bouncing light off all surfaces, just like a high gloss paint but without the fuss.
  • Flocked – These papers offer a touchable quality which cannot be beaten. The raised surface is treated to make it soft and almost felt like. This gives a wonderful tactile texture and a quality finish. More expensive than other papers, due to the way it is manufactured, it is nonetheless a good investment.
  • Bespoke – In this age of digital photography, it is now possible to choose a design, picture or photograph and have it turned into a roll of paper. Imagine having a map of the world on you kids wall or a huge picture of your family. Far from the naff quality of beach scenes usually associated with this type of thing – you can in fact let your imagination go wild. For more information visit
  • Traditional – Copies of William Morris designs and classic motifs and patterns are also becoming popular once again. A little more down to earth than other designs, these can add an elegance to a period home and are perfect in bedrooms where something understated might be more appropriate.
  • Green – Even buying wall paper can bring out your green side. So called Eco-papers are available. Using approved paper sources, water based inks and even environmentally approved packaging, these wallpapers will make you feel all warm and fuzzy as well as stylish and smart.

So the ways of making your home exciting and attractive with wallpaper are growing all the time. From B&Q to Laura Ashley, you have so many price ranges and types that you could change it every few months. Just get ready with that wallpaper table and paste.