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Winter 2009 Design Trends

With the cooler weather approaching, many of us are turning our minds to redecorating. Having a fresh new household scheme is perfect for the winter when we spend much more time indoors. Christmas is also on the horizon and so, sprucing up the house is always a good idea. But what are the current trends and how can we recreate those high fashion looks on a budget?

The Forties Inspired Home

Many designers are drawing on the recession to influence their designs for this winter. The most recent period to economic hardship in this country was the 1940's. It was a period of making do and being resourceful and this was reflected in furnishings.

  • Classic floral patterns are being reworked in new colourways for soft furnishings such as cushions and curtains.
  • Men's suiting fabrics such as tweed, herringbone and houndstooth are really popular and they do not have to be in the usual boring colours. Some of these patterns can be quite busy, so tone them down with plain accessories.
  • Knitted and crocheted items are also popular as the spirit of anti consumerism is coming out in many of us. Blankets, cushion covers and bed throws in classic granny squares are kitsch but really work.
  • Colours work on a palate of muted yellows, greens and browns, with a bit of burgundy thrown in. These are reminiscent of the land and a throw back to the 1940's land girls.

Grand and Imposing

At the other end of the scale, another trend to try is the very ornate and sumptuous look. While harder to achieve on a budget it is possible to try and recreate it with the right colours and a few stronger fabrics.

  • Go for ornate furniture which are of a larger scale than usual. High backed chairs and huge coffee tables for example.
  • Use velvet and brocade soft furnishing in burgundy and black.
  • Mix these items together with plainer furniture. This will make it cheaper, but will allow those items to stand out even more.
  • Think military in terms of structure and colour.

Playful and Pretty

It is possible to be a little bit girly without alienating the other half. The right colours and textures can create a playful atmosphere and it is easily achieved.

  • Use scale to create an almost dollshouse effect. From huge to very small. Almost as though some mythical creatures are coming for tea!
  • Use key elements to create a surprise around each corner. Elaborate mirrors, oversized ornate chandeliers in tiny rooms, patterns in odd places such as the underside of a table.
  • Colours are influenced by fairy tales – silver and pastels. Try pinks, blues and florals.

Without spending a fortune you can use paint and a few well chosen fabrics to pull together a room in any of these styles. Just try not to mix and match – pick a style and stick with it throughout the house.