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Creating a Cosy Home for Winter

It might be freezing cold outside with ice on the ground and even snow – but the inside of your home can easily be transformed from the clean lines of summer to a cosy and warm winter interior. There is nothing more inviting than a warm home with plenty of soft textures after battling against the elements outside. Changing just a few things around the house can make the change from summer to winter easy and inexpensive.

Soft Furnishings – Put away your silk and cotton cushions and throws and replace them with wool, mohair, fake fur and velvet. Any fabric with depth and texture will work well in winter. Opt for heavier curtain fabrics such as velvet to keep out the winter chill. Finally add a deep pile rug to your floor. Simply being able sink your toes into something soft underfoot can make you feel warm and toasty.

Colours – if you want to repaint for the winter then choose colours such as yellows, purples, reds and olive greens. All rich colours which would work well on accent walls or even all four walls if you are bold. If repainting isn't on the agenda then simply adding a few soft furnishing in these colours will add a sumptuous feel. When it comes to wood stick to warm coloured woods such as walnut and oak. Avoid anything cool or pale.

Arranging furniture – In the summer we tend to be in and out of the house often. We throw open windows and doors and so having large empty spaces in the room works well. In the winter it is a much better idea to bring furniture into the middle of the room. Arrange sofas and chairs around a fire and place furniture at an angle to corners. It all creates the illusion of a cosy room even if it is huge. A small corner close to a window can be set up as a reading nook with a comfy chair and bookcase. Think circular rather than square when placing furniture into the room.

Heating – There is nothing like a real fire to add a wonderful winter warmth to any home. Unfortunately not all of us have the luxury of an open fire. Installing a good gas fire may be an option. If all you have is radiators or underfloor heating then creating atmosphere with light may be the only way to go.

Lighting – Change your bright lights for soft tone bulbs in muted colours. If your lights are on a dimmer then keep them turned down and use lamps dotted around the room for pretty focal points. Lamps placed in corners behind furniture will cast a soft light which immediately makes you feel soft and warm. Candles are also good in the winter (when used with care) and will add both a nice fragrance and an inviting glow. Place them on windowsills so your home looks attractive from the outside too.

So making the most of your home in the winter doesn't have to cost a fortune. With a few items in the right places and a bit of furniture moving you can have a house you will be glad to come home to, regardless of how the weather is outside.