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Creating A Show Home Look

creating a show home lookWe have all walked into a home and said “Wow, this is just like a show home!” It is pristine, everything works well and the look is very pulled together and modern. A show home will always be inspirational and will allow you to dream of what your home could possibly look like.

However most of us would have no idea where to start and might think that achieving a show home look would be too expensive and time consuming. Well actually it is very simple. It is worth remembering that there are companies which produce a show home style for builders and they move this look from house to house simply changing a few key elements along the way. The bare bones of the room are the same as what you probably already have.

Follow these few tips and pointers to get the look you want in your home and to get a few “Wow!” comments from your friends.

  • Strip your home back to its key elements. This means your furniture and little else to start with. Ensure the furniture is placed in the best position for the room. In a bedroom you should have bedside tables and at least one dresser in addition to the bed which should be central. The lounge needs one or two couches, side tables and a coffee table. Perhaps a wall unit which houses the television would be ideal. You will also need a table either in the kitchen, the lounge or the dining room.
  • Walls should be painted white or cream but with one feature wall in each room. Be bold with this, but continue the colour theme throughout the house. Find complimentary paints or wallpapers which help with the flow from room to room. You should have a cohesive feel throughout the house.
  • Start adding back a few key pieces and soft furnishings. Be picky and do not over clutter your home. Large vases, statement light fittings, matching kitchen appliances, plants and flowers all complete the look.
  • Now you can think about soft furnishings. Cushions are the show home designers best friend. You can layer these on the beds using various shades and textures to build up a luxurious look. Use fewer on your sofa but perhaps try alternating two colours.
  • Choose curtains which match your feature wall. In the bedrooms and living room you need to have floor length and full curtains as they will form part of the luxurious and modern look. In a kitchen and bathroom you can use blinds to achieve cleaner lines. But be creative in your colours and fabrics.
  • Finally add the finishing touches. A show home will always look as though it is about to be lived in. This means having matching towels in the bathroom, fruit in the kitchen fruit bowl and the table set for a special dinner party. You may not want to always go to this extreme, but if you are having guests over or your house is indeed on the market, then this final touch will set your home apart from others.