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Design Trends – Winter 2008/2009

Design trends for winter 2008/9 detailing colours and fabrics as well as wallcoverings furniture and furnishing

With the cold winter nights well and truly set in for this year and a good few months of them ahead, there is still time to redecorate our homes to follow the latest trends of the season. Whether it is a full makeover or a few small touches, 2008 winter trends are easy to follow and implement and will give your home a true wow factor in no time.

Colours – Plums and berries have made a big impact this season and continue to do so. From the delicate pinky reds of raspberries to the deep and rich tones of the damson plum, these colours are everywhere at the moment. Try mixing different hues of similar colours to develop a luscious palate or if you want to strike out and go for something more individual try mixing plum with a stronger and brighter colour, such green or blue. You could give your room a more muted tone by mixing the berry colours with cocoa or mocha. The aim is to mix colours of the same tone and by doing so you can be as adventurous as you wish.

Fabrics – Texture in fabrics is once again bang on trend. Try hand knitting throws and cushion covers for individual style statements. The more textures you can put together the better. Obviously for winter, soft and woolly fabrics are ideal, but throw into the mix a few shiny metallic items. An edged throw or a table runner in silver can set off any colour scheme and for just a few pounds.

Wall Coverings – As already mentioned, plums and berries are perfect if you are painting your walls, but even better are the many wall paper options available. Choose metallic for an accent wall or beautiful flock designs to add drama and style. If you are putting strong designs on your walls, you are best to keep other furnishings to just two or three colours or the result could be overwhelming.

Furniture – You don't need to buy a full new suite to make your home up to date this season. A few small touches can make all the difference. The Ethnic look is once again with us. Try mixing chunky oak furniture with leather or rattan for a sumptuous look. Or jump back into the 50's and 60's for a retro look with curvy brushed steel and wooden furniture mixed with leather and cotton. Or finally the latest look of the season is French elegance with white delicate items, gilded in gold. Try mirrored surfaces, sequins and chandeliers – gorgeous.

All of these looks can be available to all of us with a little bit of looking around and using our bargain hunting skills. Try the major DIY stores, local fabric shops for off cuts and get out the sewing machine or knitting needles. Although these ideas are current right now, all it takes is a few little changes and your winter trends can easily become your 2009 summer trends.