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DIY Wall Art

Wall ArtHow many times have you looked at a so-called modern art print and thought to yourself “I could do that for a tenth of the price”. Well chances are you are absolutely right. Yes the artist was the first to do it, but it doesn't mean you can't take inspiration from them and create your own masterpiece with the minimum of materials and little outlay.

Artists like Modrian with his coloured squares and rectangles or Jackson Pollack and his splatters of paint were revolutionary in their day. Their art was modernist and new – something which had never been done before. We may look at it now and fail to appreciate this aspect and think to ourselves how easily achievable it could be for our own home. Chances are that these artists would welcome our DIY efforts.

Canvas can be bought from artist supply shops and some DIY stores for relatively low prices. Often frames can also be purchased, although a frame is not necessarily required. Paint such as leftovers from repainting your walls can be used,as can leftover lengths of wallpaper, fabric or knitted and crocheted swatches.

If painting your canvas give yourself plenty of room and have some white paint to hand to cover any mistakes. Try flicks of paint from a height in a few different colours. Another option might be black lines filled in with solid colour. Stripes, triangles and zig-zags can be used. Another idea is to thickly paint your canvas and then as the paint begins to dry, scratch patterns into the paint revealing the white of the canvas beneath. Once complete. use a clear varnish to protect the paint and try it out on your wall.

Fabric or wallpaper can also be used in a frame to turn it from a textile into a piece of art. Simply stretch the fabric or paper over the canvas and staple into position on the back. Ensure it is flat and place a frame around it. It is possible to get fabric and wall paper samples from suppliers if you pose as a customer, so this can be a very cheap way to add interesting designs to your home. Knitted fabrics can also be used to add even more texture.

Finally another very cheap option is to create your own wall art with your photos and computer creations. Take your own photos and by using computer software you can make them black and white or sepia toned, combine several photos into one, turn them into sketches or oil paintings. In fact the options are endless. Once you are happy with your design they can be emailed to companies which will print them onto a canvas of nearly any size. Prices start at around £25 for 12 x12 inches up to £250 for 60 x 40 inches and the turn around time is very quick.