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Dreams about Bed Linen

We all know that feeling – climbing into bed with freshly washed and crisply ironed sheets.

Pulling the snuggly duvet up round your chin and laying back on super soft down pillows. It is truly bliss after a long day. So how do we achieve the best results for our bedding, so we get the best look and feel and more importantly, the best sleep?. Which type of cotton do you choose, satin, silk, polyester?  It really is mind boggling the number of options available for that perfect nights sleep.


many people will remember that threadbare polyester sheet of their childhood. The one which came back from the wash looking like it wouldn't last the week. Generally speaking, these sheets have improved in quality but are still the poor cousin of the 100% cotton sheet. Polyester does tend to pill – meaning it gets those little balls of fabric all over it which eventually become holes. With careful washing these sheets can be a good back up for the spare bed.


part polyester and part cotton or also 100% cotton. The fabric is brushed so that it has higher insulating properties and is perfect for the winter and for children. These sheets are really easy to take care of and need minimal ironing.

Silk or satin

This is real luxury! It has been said that sleeping on a silk pillow case will prevent wrinkles on your face. You simply slide against the fabric rather than pulling your skin. Getting into a silk sheeted bed is perfect for the summer – the sheets are cool and feel almost weightless. If you can afford them – a set of silk sheets are perfect for that occasional romantic evening!

100% Cotton

things to remember before you make your purchase:

Thread count – this refers to the number of threads running back and forth and up and down in one square inch of fabric. The higher the count the better the quality and the longer the fabric will last. It has been said that once you get over 400 count the return given for the extra spent doesn't really add up . So aim for 300-400 count for the very best value.

Egyptian cotton – considered to be the best quality and softest cotton around. The cotton will relax with use and washing and just get more and more deliciously soft.

Looking after your 100% cotton linen – This can take a little bit of dedication. The higher the thread count the more careful you need to be. Try not to use harsh detergents, as they will make the fabric wear more quickly – ditto fast spinning. Drying on the line is best and adds a wonderful crispness to the sheets. The tumble dryer is fine – but take them out before the are dry and iron while still slightly damp. 100% cotton will require a good hot iron and steam in most cases to get out those wrinkles, but the feeling once on the bed can't be beaten.

This gives you a good idea of the first things to think of when purchasing new linen for your bedroom. Next you must think of the duvet, covers and blankets. If you thought these were difficult decisions to make, try thinking about your colour scheme next!