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ECO Decorating - Painting and Wallpapering

eco decoratingDecorating your home can give you a new lease of life. New colours can lift your mood and make your home more saleable and nicer to live in. But what if you have concerns about the toxicity of paint or the waste of paper used in wallpaper? What are the options when it comes to decorating your home while taking your Eco-credentials into account? If you want a truly green home, then paint and wallpaper manufacturers are there to help.


Recent legislation has recognised that levels of toxic chemicals in paint can be damaging to our health and the use of these is to be limited from this year. In fact, the World Health Organisation has recently described decorating as a carcinogenic occupation. It has also been suggested that paint can affect people even after its application. We all recognise that head-achey feeling we get when we sleep in a freshly painted room. It can't be healthy. It is also thought that the use of these volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and solvents can contribute to global warming

For this reason more and more paint manufacturers are developing paints which are more healthy for our bodies and for the environment.

The latest ECO paints contain few or even no solvents and often use titanium dioxide instead. This is considered to be a safer alternative, although it does contribute environmental issues.

A solvent free paint will eliminate the smell which lingers after painting. It is this smell which affects those with allergies and sensitivities to chemicals. Generally plant based water borne paints are the best to choose.

Eco-paints can be applied in the usual way although they may take longer to dry. A recent Which? report has suggested that these types of paint do not last as long as conventional paints, however most people will consider repainting their homes every few years and they will last much longer than this.

For more information on paint and the environment, visit the Dulux site:


While the application of wallpaper might not be detrimental to the health of those living in the home, the production can be harmful to the earth. Therefore choosing eco-wallpaper is a good choice if it is your intention to create a home which is harmonious with your green ideals.

Many manufacturers are now producing wallpapers which are printed onto recycled paper with inks which are environmentally friendly. Very often the producer will claim that they use managed sources of paper, if they do not use recycled paper. This means that a tree is planted for each one which is cut down.

Other wall paper options are those which are not made form traditional papers at all, but are woven from grasses, raffia, cork, bamboo or organic cotton. Clearly these are more expensive than the traditional methods, but are 100% environmentally friendly.

It is also possible to buy non-toxic wallpaper paste, which makes sense if you are wanting to fully embrace the eco-home.