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Green Paint

Eco Sense Paint - A Greener Way to PaintDulux reveals a greener way to paint with Ecosense paint.

Do you want to take a greener approach to decorating but don’t want to compromise on performance or colour choice? Thanks to a breakthrough innovation from Dulux, now you don’t have to.

Ecosense is a new virtually odour free, low environmental impact paint. It contains zero added solvent, which means no strong lingering paint odours during and after decorating. It also has half the carbon and water footprint of standard matt paint, and 40 percent less waste. Dulux Ecosense offers outstanding paint performance as well as helping you to lower your impact on the environment

Wall painted with Ecosense paintEcosense Matt is a long-lasting and durable paint available in 20 fresh new colours (plus white), which means your newly painted walls and ceilings withstand everyday knocks and scrapes, retaining their like “new look” for years to come .

It's also available in a Satinwood finish – for interior wood and metal and available in a choice of 5 new colours (plus white). It contains 90% less solvent, 15% less waste and has a 35% lower carbon footprint than solvent-based Satinwood The Ecosense paint range also uses 20% recycled packaging.

Ecosense has been developed in partnership with Forum for the Future, the independent sustainability experts, using the Environmental Impact Analyser. This tool was used to actively measure and reduce the impact of Ecosense at every stage of its lifecycle from raw materials to final product.

The analyser focused on reducing the amounts of carbon (CO2), waste and water – 3 key measures of environmental impact. This tool is being used to develop more sustainable paints throughout Dulux product ranges.

Check out this Ecosense video to find out more.

Dulux has a long term commitment to reducing the environmental impact of all its products and services, from manufacture and supply all the way through to waste and disposal: Step Towards Greener. For further information, visit