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Home Decorating Ideas for 2012

If you’re planning on redecorating this year, you’ll want to make sure your choice of décor is in line with current trends – but don’t be a slave to fashion: after all, you’ll have to live with your choices for a long time. Remember that if you’re making any major changes to your home you should check with your home insurance provider about whether those changes will affect your policy or premium. Below is a guide to what’s hot this year in home décor, but always go with your own instincts and tastes for such a personal project: your home tells people a lot about its owner and above all else it should be somewhere that you feel comfortable.

The good news on that front is that this year ‘homely’ homes are very much in style.  Whilst minimalistic, white sofas are big this year and will look great in a studio apartment with sleek lines and simple colour palates, comfortable, squashy sofas with big cushions and soft fabrics are also on trend and will co-ordinate well with a homely living room.

Chintz died out a long time ago – this new style is nothing like the 1980s doilies and frills-sort of ‘homely’.  No, think more along the lines of a country cottage, reading nooks filled with cushions, thick curtains and wooden blinds.  Colours are muted (creams, browns, greys) but not boring (oranges and reds are on trend).  Bold patterned wallpapers or sofas are also in style, though not both at the same time!

Living rooms are perhaps the easiest rooms to decorate, since people normally have a good idea of what they want from their living room.  A good tip is to continue the themes and colours you’ve developed in your living room to the rest of the home.  If you have a wooden floor in the living room with a large fluffy rug, then keep the same wood running through the rest of the downstairs for continuity but add different accessories to the other rooms (for example, you might not want rugs in your dining room or kitchen, but might want your table to co-ordinate with the wood of your floor; in the hall you might want a doormat or runner along the hallway that co-ordinates well with the colours in your living room).

Bedroom furniture that is on trend for 2012 includes French-style beds with lots of detailed carving (whether in white or natural wood) or basic, chunky wooden beds.  The bedding you choose should reflect the colours used elsewhere in the house to create a sense of continuity.

The nice thing about having a homely home is that whilst general themes and colours should run throughout the house, you don’t need everything to be carefully matched.  It’s okay to have odd pieces of furniture like a much-loved chair that doesn’t go with the rest of the suite or a wardrobe that’s been in the family for years.

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