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Home Fragrances

It has been said that we remember better with our nose than our brain. Certain smells will evoke long forgotten childhood memories; the seaside, fish and chips, your first love's perfume or aftershave. Even houses with the smell of freshly baked bread or brewed coffee are thought to sell more easily.


perfumeEvery new season is a chance to try a new smell for your home - mixed spice for Christmas, light and floral for spring, even lavender for the evenings and citrus for the mornings. You can literally turn your home into a mood enhancing spa-like environment at the flick of a switch.

In recent years manufacturers have come to realise that we want similar smell experiences in our homes and they have come up with 101 ways to sell us room fragrances.

Perfume oils - Mixed with a base of water, a few drops of essential oil burned in an oil burner, will give hours of light fragrance.The oils can also be dropped onto pot pourri or light rings. These are a wooden ring which sits over your light bulbs, releasing the scent as the ring heats.

scented candleScented candles - Extremely popular, easy to find and cheap. These candles offer not only heady fragrances, but romantic low lighting options. Perfect for the dinner table, they can enhance your enjoyment of different foods depending on the fragrance you choose.

Incense - Popular throughout history, incense are sticks covered in mixtures of scented herbs and flowers, which can be burned in special holders. The smoke wafts throughout the room releasing the scent as it goes. Popular in the 60's they have seen a recent renaissance.

Room sprays - These can be found in either pump action bottles or aerosol cans. They offer the chance of a quick way of heading off kitchen and pet smells. They won't last long, but are quick and effective. Some now claim to neutralise smells completely rather than just hiding them.

Plug in air fresheners - These have become extremely popular recently. After buying the unit, you have the option of buying different fragrances depending on your mood and the atmosphere you want to create. Some plug-ins will rotate between different  fragrances so you will always notice the new smell as it releases.

Simply opening your windows regularly should be enough to keep your home smelling lovely – but sometimes we all need a little bit of help in the smell department.  In the same way a woman might wear perfume, your home might need that little boost of a gorgeous room fragrance from time to time.