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Interior Design and Style - Americana

an american flag cushion on a white benchWhile it may not be to the taste of people in the UK, the American themed home in nonetheless a great example of how patriotism can create an interesting and cohesive look. Whether you have an American background, have travelled in the country or you just want to evoke those feelings of American nostalgia, you can easily achieve this look, even on a budget.

Your first thought when thinking of Americana might be rooms filled with American flags and red white and blue walls and furnishings. Of course, if that is your thing, then you are welcome to go for it. But America has much more to offer.

Think of the 1950's diner style look. Chrome and formica with bubblegum colours mix well with any furniture from the era and all you need is a milkshake machine and a pair of roller skates to finish off the look. A black and white base for the walls and floor is a good way to start and then you can add in colour such as pink or turquoise. Try to find bar stools and a juke box to really get that retro feel. Framed photos of 1950's stars such as Marilyn Munroe or James Dean will complete the feel of the room.

Of course America has a very proud history and this can be used as inspiration for your interior design. Native American soft furnishings can be easy to get hold of via online stores or when travelling in America. Blankets, wall hanging and paintings would work together well with historical items from the time of the early settlers. This rustic look is quintessentially American.

For a typical American look without all the 4th of July styling, it is possible to achieve a pared down look. Go for muted tones of red and blue and set this off against cream backgrounds. This more subtle approach gives more of a hint of Americana. Rather than adorning the walls with the Stars and Stripes banner you could opt for one or two cushions with the flag. Try knitting or crocheting to get a different look and even think about making a flag throw but using alternative colours.

A map of the US on your wall will make it clear to visitors what your theme is. Try to find one which is muted in colour. Perhaps an old fashioned sailing map in an ornate frame. You could then run with the sailing theme using your red white and blue in another sense.

It is easy to find framed prints of American cities, in particular New York. Add these to your walls along with paintings and pictures of places like the Rockies or Las Vegas. These iconic images will help create the perfect American look and feel.

As you can see, creating an Americana themed home is easy, regardless of which side of the Atlantic you live on. The look is popular and can be played up to or kept subtle. It is entirely up to you.