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Interior Design and Style - Beach House Décor

beach houseWhether you live by the sea or in a flat in the middle of London you may still want to decorate your home with things which remind you of the beach. Recreating that feeling of being on holiday during the summers of your childhood is part of the fascination with a beach hut inspired home. It combines elements of nature with the colours of the sun, sea and sand. It evokes warmth and fun and can even brighten up the dullest day.

One of the typical themes which you might want to use in your beach house themed home is the nautical look. For this you will need to think in terms of blues, reds and whites; typically in stripes. You can add in objects which can come from your holidays and antique stores. Look for items such as clocks, lengths of coiled rope, bells, compasses, life-saver rings and nets.

You can then add in natural items such as seashells, driftwood and even real sand. These all look great in bathrooms and add a relaxing seaside feel to your home. Try pinning up postcards from your seaside holidays and don't be afraid to have your holiday equipment such as flippers or surf boards on display.

When it comes to colour schemes, white is best; offset by blues and reds as already mentioned. Think of the colours of the sea and the sky in the summer time. Palm tree green also adds extra depth.

When it come to your furniture try to use items which you may normally see out on patios or in gardens. Rattan, distressed wood or metal are all good options. These can be softened by plenty of cushions and throws for chilly summer evenings. The key is to be very casual about placement and to use a mix of materials and styles. The mismatched look is key to achieving that summery, beach hut feel.

Floors should be painted wood with scattered rugs and shutters on the windows are a must. If the paint is peeling then it is even better. This should look like a holiday home, which you visit just once or twice a year, but where you have the most fun.

Essentially what you want from your beach house inspired home is the feeling that you are going on holiday every day. Your home should bring back memories of your childhood holidays, where everything was off the cuff and not terribly organised. It needs to be relaxing and easy to care for. You should be able to throw open the doors and not care too much about sandy footprints on the carpet.