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Interior Design and Style - Monochrome

If we were to take the dictionary definition of monochrome literally we would have a home which was entirely one colour. Clearly this is not really the point. For many people monochrome means simply using black to jar against any white background. However if you are a little more adventurous, there is no reason the monochrome look and feel cannot incorporate other colours as well.

A simply black and white interior can be somewhat stark, but is certainly interesting and minimalist. Black furniture in a white room will draw attention to each individual piece, meaning that it must be perfectly placed and ultimately stylish. For those of us who want to obtain this look, but who wish to live in our homes in a normal way, the monochrome look can be easily achievable.

You could start by using small monochrome influences around your home such as black and white photos and paintings. Always place these against a white or black wall for the best contrast. Take this colour theme one step further by using black and white in different textures. This might include black checked curtains or velvet cushions. White lace might be thrown over a bed or a white wicker chair in the corner may draw the eye.

Other items in black and white which can add to this dramatic feel could be a large black vase, plant pot or side table. When it comes to furniture you should stick to white and add dramatic black cushions which will be perfectly offset against the pale background. Wooden floors also work well with the black and white theme.

Now is the time to step out of your black and white world and think of where you might like to inject some colour. One idea is to use brightly coloured flowers in your vase. The moment someone enters the room their eye will be drawn to the flowers as the one outstanding item in the room.

Other colour options are a single bright cushion, a colour lampshade, one painted wall, one single chair, a green plant or maybe a purple throw on the bed.

If you have used the monochrome look throughout your home, you should keep to the same accent colour in each room. For example you could have green plants, a pale green lampshade, green cushions in the bedroom and green accessories in the kitchen.

A monochrome home does not have to be boring and a minimalist heaven. It can be vibrant and exciting and so easy to change around whenever the mood takes you.