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Interior Design and Style - Reanaissance

Renaissance Style SculptureThis may sound more like an art history lesson than a set of ideas on how to furnish your home, however the Renaissance was a time of bold and imaginative ideas inspired by the new way in which people were seeing the world in the 14th and 15th centuries. People were travelling to new lands and seeing things which had never been seen before and this was being expressed in the art of the time. At the same time a new interest in nature and science was becoming part of the style of the time.

Getting this feeling into your home is much easier than you might imagine. A touch of medieval and plenty of classical elements combine to give a sumptuous and interesting style which is suitable in any home.

Geometry was one of the features which influenced the Renaissance style. Fabrics and flooring often featured strong geometric patterns which played tricks on the eye. In addition stars and suns were used to show a renewed interest in the heavens.

Quality is another feature of Renaissance homes. When it came to craftsmanship, the homes of the time would have only the best. For your home try to find furnishings which reflect this attention to detail such as fine tapestries, silks, leathers and of course, paintings of the correct period.

The renaissance is probably most closely associated with Italy and therefore a certain Italian style will help achieve the correct look. The areas around Florence and Tuscany are where the artistic and social movement began and then continued to spread throughout Europe. The period also reflected the use of the Italian classical design and architecture. This was highlighted by huge proportions, symmetry and elegance.

This is something which can be recreated in your own home. You simply need to pare back your design, use marble or marble-look flooring. Perhaps add columns, and friezes to your ceiling. While these architectural additions may seem over the top, they will be mixed with just a few items of sculpture and tapestries. This will mean you will achieve an uncluttered look which will instantly relax.

Most furniture will be made of wood and often a dark wood such as walnut was used. Walls should be coloured in light blues and creams and if possible ceilings can be painted with copies of Italian frescos.

The renaissance style is certainly a choice which is not for everyone. The style is elegant and beautiful, but can be overwhelming. For a look which is easier on the eye, you could try limiting it to an outdoor space such as a patio or garden room.

The renaissance style was limited to those who had plenty of money and it could be said that the look does work best in larger and more palatial buildings. However if you bring in a few small items as already described you could recreate the look on a relatively small budget.