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Interior Design and Style - Tropical

tropical waterfallEven when the rain is beating down outside and the weather is cold and unpleasant, it is still possible to create a house interior which evokes hot and humid tropical holidays. All it takes is a little imagination and a willingness to overlook whatever the weather outside is doing.

Tropical interior design styles can be easily created and are much more than simply adding a few tropical plants to your conservatory. You can bring the holiday of your dreams into your home and for much less cash than you might spend on your annual holiday.


When it comes to choosing the base colours of your walls you have two choices. You can go for plain white and use your furnishings and accessories to brighten up the room or you can opt for warmer tones such as browns, beige and greens.

You may be thinking that these neutral tones are not very tropical, but you will need to bring in splashes of colour with your soft furnishings. To splash reds and bright greens on all your walls will be too overpowering. You could choose a bright green and leafy patterned wallpaper as a feature wall and back that up with bright red, orange, yellow or pink cushions. Think about the colours of tropical flowers when choosing your cushion and furniture colours.


In almost all cases you need to avoid carpet and go for either wooden flooring or tiles. If this feels like it might be too harsh, you can can soften the look with natural mats or even a seagrass or sisal matting. Think about the floor-coverings you might find in a beach hut on a tropical island.

For a hint of colour, you can use a brightly coloured mat which tones in with other highlights of colour you have already used in the room.


Shutters are an ideal option for the tropical look. These are great for two reasons. You can paint them white or leave them in bare wood for an authentic look and they offer great insulation against the chilly UK winters. Once closed you can imagine that your home is anywhere in the world – even on a warm sunlit beach.

If your budget doesn't stretch to shutters you can opt for light and floaty voiles which will catch the breeze during the summer.


Think natural and you can't go wrong. So, wood and traditional conservatory furniture made of wicker or rattan are perfect. This look is cheap to achieve and you even have the added benefit of being able to take your furniture outdoors when the weather is fine.


You really cannot have too many rich and lush green plants when you are going for a tropical look. Don't be afraid to try large ferns and palms – especially if you have a warm conservatory to keep them in.

Plants may be high maintenance, but they accessorise a room like nothing else. You have movement, shadow and colour all in one discreetly placed pot. Well worth the effort.

So with the minimal of effort and a few pots of paint you can get a wonderful holiday feel of the tropics. What's stopping you?