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Is There Nothing They Can’t Do?

Celebrities turning their attention homewards is currently en vogue – it seems there’s nothing the famous like more than branching out


To be a fully paid-up member of ‘Celebrity Inc’ these days, it seems you need many fingers in a lot of different pies. First is was a signature perfume, then it was a clothing range, some even stretch to rattling off a children’s book or two. However, in the fickle world of fame things go out of style very quickly - now it seems no self-respecting A-lister can get out of bed unless it’s to do a spot of interior design.

Habitat kicked off the trend back in 2004, when to celebrate its 40th anniversary, it asked a select number of well-known faces to design something for its Very Important Products range. Shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, now as famous as his creations thanks to the TV show Sex and the City, caused the biggest stir with – you’ve guessed it – a shoehorn. Within hours of said gadget going on sale, online auction site eBay was groaning under the weight of them, with canny sellers offloading them for hundreds of pounds.

Adhering to the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ school of retail, Habitat has continued with the range. The latest items on sale in 2008 include a flower lamp by super model turned photographer Helena Christensen and a magenta pink ‘Hollywood’ dressing room mirror by none other than Miss Piggy. Take that, Kermit.

Lenny Kravitz recently descended from planet rock to announce that his New York-based interior design firm has several projects in the pipeline for hotels in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The singer already has a chandelier design, Casino Royale, for Swarovski under his belt, while princess in the making Kate Middleton has also expressed an interest in taking a few hours out of her busy schedule being Prince William’s girlfriend to start her own interior design service. In terms of aesthetics it’s hard to imagine that Lenny or Kate will have much in common but it’s probably safe to say that their prices would be out of reach for most mere mortals.

Don’t despair. If a Muppet-inspired mirror isn’t really your thing it is still possible to get a little bit of celebrity stardust in your home at a reasonable price: Kylie Minogue launched her own line of bedlinen earlier this year. ‘At Home’ comprises seven individual sets, which were inspired by vintage fabrics and Japanese kimono design. And with stockists including Debenhams and House of Fraser we thankfully don’t have to go far from home to find them.

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