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Kitchen Splashbacks – Not Just Tiles

glass blocks used as kitchen splashbackA kitchen splashback is a very important part of a new kitchen scheme. It keeps the wall behind the works surfaces and hob covered in an easy clean material which will mean that we won't be continuously repainting in the future. It is also important for protecting the walls from heat – particularly from the hob or oven top. Most importantly of all they can look amazing. They are a way of injecting colour into an otherwise boring look, they can add light reflecting qualities in a smaller kitchen and even perk up your old kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacing with an entirely new one.


These are everyone's first thought when it comes to splashbacks. They are versatile, easy to keep clean, easy to install and come in a range of colours and materials. The latest glass tiles have a luminescent quality, filling a room with light. Often they come in small mosaic sized squares and can create great borders and patterns. It is best to use glazed tiles in kitchens as unglazed ones can absorb water making them discoloured over time. In addition, make sure your grout is water resistant also.


These are a continuation of the worktop and give a seamless clean line. They look great, but can be tricky to install. It is important the walls are straight or you may have unsightly gaps at the top of the splashback area. These will require filling and will spoil your look. Upstands can come in granite or laminate and cost will vary depending on the type of worktop you have chosen.

Stainless Steel

A great contemporary look in any kitchen. Most suitable though for modern kitchens. They can be polished, mirrored or brushed and are great at reflecting light in a dull room. Stainless steel splash backs can be hard to look after however and will require good maintenance. You need to be very careful about scratching the surface and you will need to clean it will a soft cloth. It can be hard to maintain a polished look on stainless steel, but baby oil or glass cleaner can work wonders. Sometimes stainless steel splash backs can come as part of a cooker, hob and extractor fan set – unifying the three appliances.


It is possible to paint your splashback wall and cover with glass. This offers a great reflective quality and gives you the option of changing the colour with minimum of effort. It is important to use toughened glass and to be careful not to scratch the surface. Glass splashbacks also come in textured glass, glass bricks and coloured glass – all of which have a modern look and feel.

Whether you are just updating a tired kitchen or redoing it completely, splashbacks can add dramatic effect, colour and light. Choosing the right splashback for your particular needs can be a difficult choice, but hopefully this information has helped to steer you on the right path.