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Mirrors – functional and decorative

mirrorsWhether you are the type to have a quick once over in the morning or you like to spend hours doing hair and make-up before you leave the house, a mirror is pretty much an essential item for every home. It could simply be a decorative feature such as mirrors hung in living rooms and halls, or it could be purely functional like the mirrors in bathrooms.

While the shape and size of the mirror which you choose will depend on where in the home you will be placing it, you might be surprised to hear that there are a number of different types of mirror to choose from.

True Image Mirror

This is your basic bathroom or interior mirror that will give a good representation of what you look like. It will offer a reflection which is more or less exactly the same as what you perceive yourself to be. These are the cheapest mirrors you can buy and can be wall hung or mounted on a pedestal.

Magnifying Mirror

These are designed for close up work such as shaving and make-up application. Most will have a magnification factor of around 3X and are not usually used as wall hung everyday mirrors. Most will come on a pedestal or extending arm that can be put away when not in use. Obviously looking at your full body reflection with a magnifying mirror might be a little shocking.

Illuminated Mirrors

Mirrors which incorporate a light come in two main styles. The back-lit mirror has small led lights behind it which can add a general all over light. Other mirrors may have lights which are around the edges or just above the mirror. These will cast light both on the subject and on the mirror offering the best possible reflection. These are perfect for bathrooms where you are more likely to be doing close up work such as shaving. In living rooms illuminated mirrors can be used as a decorative feature which will cast light around the room.

Mirrored Tiles

A good option for a bathroom is to use inset mirrored tiles in place of a framed mirror. It can be cheaper to buy smaller individual tiles, rather than one large mirror and there is less of a chance of expensive breakages. Mirrored tiles can also be placed in any configuration, making them a design idea as well as having a practical function.

Anti-mist Mirrors

These mirrors essentially have heaters built into them. The warmth ensures that they will not mist up. They may also have the duel function of heating the surrounding area at the same time. They will need to have an electrical connection which, if used in the bathroom, will require the services of an electrician.

What a mirror can do for your room

Mirrors are perfect for bouncing light and creating space in a dull small room. They are particularly usef ]]>