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Rock Bottom Rents For Farmhouses

DIY enthusiasts from around the world are applying to become tenants in disused farmhouses in New South Wales, Australia at a mere $1 a week. Six farmhouses in the outback town of Trundle have come up for rent and it is hoped that encouraging people from around the world to live in them would help to boost the economy and the population of the area.

The houses are all in a state of disrepair however, with some needing more TLC than others. The weatherboard exteriors are cracked and peeling and the homes are covered in dust and dirt. They are also miles from anywhere and often without basic services.

Trundle is six hours drive from Sydney and has just 380 residents. Farmer Ben Kerin has said that the town has had a difficult time in the last few years, but he is excited to rent the properties out to the best people. He feels that despite the broken down appearances, people from the UK and elsewhere may be wanting to make a new start at a rock bottom price.

Tenants need to have DIY skills so that the homes can be renovated. The costs of the renovations will be sorted out between the landlord and the tenant.