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41% of Home-Owners are Putting Their DIY Skills to Good Use

Research from has found that UK home-owners are putting their DIY skills to good use in the winter weather. 41% had taken energy efficient measures in their home, such as insulation and draught excluders, while another 39% would do so if they could receive financial assistance. Just 19% said that they didn't believe their home could be made more energy efficient or they just couldn't be bothered to do so.

The website has offered a number of measures people can take to keep the heat in and save money at the same time. These include turning the thermostat down slightly, not using standby, insulating, heating only the rooms you use, keeping curtains closed, using energy saving light bulbs and excluding draughts where possible using kits available at DIY stores.

The website also points out that simply switching your utility provider can save as much as £200 a year.