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450 New B&Q Products For Elderly DIYers

A report from B&Q has found that an incredible 7.9m people could be left in housing which is not suitable for them as they age. The Generation Evicted Report found that 50% of people want to stay in their own homes as they get older, but just 18% believe their home will be suitable for them.

48% did not like the idea of moving into care homes and 27% said the thought of having to live in a care home was their worst fear. As care home places are limited, most of these people will be forced to stay in their homes in any case.

The report was commissioned by B&Q to coincide with the release of their new range of DIY products for the elderly. The 450 products are endorsed by the Disabled Living Foundation and include such gadgets as a body drier, low level kitchen units, sensor lights and items with longer handles and special grips. The range has been named The Can Do range.

Jo Kenrick from B&Q has commented on the findings by saying that their range of stylish products can allow the elderly to live independent lives for longer.