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50% of UK Homes Need Remedial Work

Research from Bosch has recently shown that UK homes are in a worse state of repair than anyone thought. In fact their research indicates that 50% of homes need at least some remedial work.

It is thought that this is due to the fact that more than a third of UK homes are more than 60 years old and the fact that people in the UK are less inclined to do DIY than our neighbours on the continent.

Just 55% of people in the UK express an interest in DIY, while only 14% would say they are an advanced or professional DIYer. While 47% of Germans describe themselves as being in the advanced category.

These figures are worrying when we consider that 7% of UK home-owners would describe their home as being in need of renovation, compared to just 1% of the French, who say the same.

Another 63% of people admit they have no idea what to do with a toolbox if they were tasked with fixing a simple problem at home and 70% of those under 35 think DIY is too much effort.

Chris Tidy from Bosch believes that parents are failing to pass on essential home maintenance skills to their children and are teaching their children to rely on tradespeople. He says that most people are able to save money by following step by step instructions. He points out that the satisfaction from getting a job done can be enormous.

Bosch also have a number of How To guides on their website for anyone wishing to have a go.